iBooks DRM Removal

iBooks has decrypted, this iBooks DRM Removal freeware will help you remove DRM from iBooks ePUB, then can enjoy epub books on Mac, Android, Blackberry, Kobo, Nook etc.

How to remove DRM from iBooks

Step 1: Download iBooks DRM Removal for Mac/PC.

Download iBooks DRM Removal.

Pay Attention, before you run the ibook DRM Removal, a Java environment is required, iBooks DRM Removal freeware support both Mac and PC.

Step 2: Run iBooks DRM Removal

It will scan your iTunes Library automatically, and decrypt all the files.
If you don’t want it do this, press “Shift” when opening the soft. Then drag the DRM protected ebook to the soft window, iBooks DRM Removal will decrypt it in seconds.

requiem 3.3, remove ibooks drm

The unDRMed ebook will replace the original file automatically. Check the “Recycle Bin” if you still have a need of the original one.

Now, you can read the DRM-free iBooks on PC/Mac freely.



Removing DRM from iBooks only for self-use, DO NOT share or spread the DRM free ebooks to any one else or online.

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